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Plastic Extrusion

General Overview

At HS Plastex we are specialists in the development and manufacture of custom plastic parts and profiles by extrusion processes on any type of thermoplastic, as well we have the technology to make coextrusion processes with different materials and combinations in the same profile. These processes are make with specialized engineering and production to obtain custom designs and do customer requirements into reality. In addition, our service has personalized attention by advisers who will accompany the client throughout the development of their project

Installed capacity
Extrusion :
  • Up to 2.5" Extruders
  • Up to 2” Conical twin screw extruders, special for powder PVC compounds.
Co-Extrusion :
  • Up to 1.5” Co-extruders
Combination Co-extrusión :
  • Rigid with flexible .
  • Fusion between different types of material .
  • As well as the combination of two materials from the same type, but different colors.

Our working methodology



Required product analysis focused on the design through samples, sketches or specifications of our clients.



Digital development of the profile required



Selection and Sourcing of raw material.



Extrusion, Co-Extrusion or Tri-Extrusion of the profile.



Finished product Delivery

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