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Standard Service

Partial informationl

With this information, your project can be carried out at HS PLASTEX. The following requirements will be necessary to proceed:

Extrusion die

Drawing of the part to be manufactured

Annual consumption volume

If you do NOT have them, we can help! We have specialized engineering and production capabilities to create them.

Project Development Process

Analysis of the drawing and sample of the part to be manufacture

We ensure that we capture all the details to achieve precise results.

Feasibility review

We will evaluate the feasibility of manufacturing based on production volume, complexity, and other technical requirements.

Tooling quotation (extrusion die)

Precise quotation for the tooling and fabrication of the customized extrusion die.

Product quotation

Once feasibility is determined, we will provide a detailed quotation for the manufacturing of your product according to the project's needs.


Technical and commercial details of the project. We work closely together to ensure that all your expectations and requirements are met

Sample run or pilot run

We conduct an initial production test to ensure the quality and functionality of the manufactured parts. This stage allows us to make precise adjustments.

Tooling adjustments

In case there are any details to be corrected.

Product approval

Your product is ready to move into the manufacturing phase.

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