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We are a Mexican company from HS INDUSTRIAL line - belonging to Grupo YGA- specializing in development and manufacturer custom extruded plastic profiles and tubing by the plastic extrusion process , as well as the development, design and manufacture of dies extrusion


Plastic Extrusion

Development and manufacture of custom plastic parts and profiles through the extrusion process on any type of thermoplastic, we also have the technological capacity to coextrude with different materials in the same profile.

Extrusion Dies

Design, development and manufacture dies to plastic extrusion with leading-edge technology and engineering that allow us to offer custom plastic profiles with the best quality.

Why Choose HS?

Precios Competitivos
The most competitive prices on the market: our volume and manufacturing quality, allow us handle the best price to fits your budget.
Grandes Medidas
Custom manufacturing based on your technical requirements of your profiles, adapting to any application.
Entregas a tiempo
Insuperable times in development and delivery
Ingeniería Propia
Own engineering that avoids components discontinued or limited abroad.
Cobertura de Mantenimieto
Personalized attention throughout your project.
Disponible para todo México
Coverage throughout the Mexican Republic.
About our
Raw Material
At HS Plastex we handle three differences types of raw material as: rigid, semi-rigid and flexible.
  • PVC flexible
  • Semi-rigid PVC
  • Rigid PVC
  • HDPE
  • And other thermoplastic
(*) Other engineering materials as required.


Refrigeration Industry






Agricultural and Greenhouses



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